Tiger Cub Round-up 2012

Post date: Sep 3, 2012 2:12:37 AM

Tiger Pair

Parents of Tiger Cub Scouts (1st graders), Kick-off your son's 1st year in scouting by attending our annual Tiger Cub Round-up at East Cobb Park on Sunday, September 9th, 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM. We will try to meet in the first pavilion by the big playground, but if it is occupied, please look for the Blue Pack 815 sign or scout uniforms at neighboring pavilions.

Each Tiger Cub will receive his new Tiger Cub Handbook which spells out everything you need to know about earning the Tiger Rank. The Handbook also introduces many other concepts that will be important through all of the Cub Scout Ranks.

For this meeting, the Tiger Cubs will be split off from the parents to engage in a fun activity and to start working on their Bobcat badge, which is the first thing every new Cub Scout must earn (learn about the Bobcat requirements here). As the scouts are playing and learning, the parents will meet with Pack leaders so we can split the boys into Dens and name the Den Leaders and Assistant Den Leaders. (This is the part where we will ask for parent volunteers!)

The scout uniform is not required for this meeting. Drinks and snacks will be provided for the Tigers.