Submit a Payment to Pack 815

Follow the steps below to make a Dues Payment to Pack 815 using Paypal.

PLEASE read through all of the steps before proceeding.

  1. Enter your Cub's name in the field below.

  2. Click the "Add to Cart" button. This will take you to the Paypal Shopping Cart.

  3. On the shopping cart page, change the quantity to the dollar amount you need to pay.

  4. (For example, set the quantity to 90 in order to pay $90.)

  5. Click the "Update" link next to the quantity to recalculate the total.

  6. Enter 30062 in the zipcode field and click Calculate to determine the online payment fee (see Note 2 below)

  7. Click on the Check Out button and login to your Paypal account (or set one up).

  8. Proceed with the usual Paypal payment submission process.

    1. Don't click the Back button on your browser - either click Continue Shopping or close the browser and come back here if you need to start over.


1. ALTERNATIVE PAYMENT OPTIONS: If you are not comfortable making payments online via Paypal, then please wait and just make your payment via credit card at the next Pack Meeting (or via cash/check).

2. ONLINE PAYMENT FEE: The Pack must charge a minor fee to cover the costs associated with taking online payments. The fee amount is equal to 2.95% of the amount that you are paying. For example, if you need to pay $100, the fee will be $2.95, so your total payment will be $102.95. The fee is automatically calculated and appears as a Shipping & Handling charge when you check-out.

3. If you have any general questions, please contact Doug Carey.

4. If you need to confirm a payment was recieved, or request a refund/modification of a previously submitted payment, please contact the Pack Treasurer at Jason Witt.