PWD Rules

Pack 815 Pinewood Derby – OFFICIAL RULES

January 12, 2013


Pinewood Derby Patch

A. Maximum overall width shall not exceed 2-3/4 inches B. Minimum width between wheels shall be 1-3/4 inches, so car will clear the center guide strip. C. Minimum clearance between bottom of car and track shall be 3/8 inches, car must clear center guide strip. D. Maximum length of entire vehicle shall not exceed 7 inches. E. The wheel-base (distance between front and rear axles) may be altered, but the car still may not exceed a maximum length of 7”. WEIGHT & APPEARANCE

A. Weight shall not exceed 5 ounces (141.75 grams). The reading of the official race scale will be considered final. The car may be built up to the maximum by the addition of wood, metal or plastic provided it is securely built into the body of firmly affixed to it. No loose materials of any kind are permitted in or on the car. B. Mercury shall not be used for adding weight. It is a potential health hazard. C. Details such as steering wheel, driver, spoiler, decals, painting and interior details are permissible as long as these details do not exceed the maximum length, width and weight specifications. D. Cars with wet paint will not be accepted. E. Cars with items on the front of the car designed to stick to the starting pin will not be accepted. F. No part of the car shall extend past the starting gate. Cars with slots or grooves that allow the car to extend beyond the pin will not be permitted to race.


A. Only the official Boy Scout Grand Prix wheels and axle’s can be used. Wheels and axles can be modified, except as noted below.

B. Wheel bearings, washers, or bushings are prohibited

C. The car shall not ride on any type of spring.

D. The car must be freewheeling with no starting device or other propulsion.

E. Lathe turned wheels will not be allowed.

F. Wheels and axles may be sanded to remove the flashing only. No wafering or extensive tread rounding of the wheels will be allowed

G. Hubcaps will not be allowed


A. Only dry powered lubricants, such as graphite or Teflon may be used. Oil and spray lubricants are not allowed. Lubricants are not permitted inside the school. All lubrication must be done outside the school or at home. No lubricants are allowed on outer wheel surfaces.


A. All repairs must be made in the pit area.

B. Cars must be re-weighed after making repairs.

C. The cars may not be lubricated after it has gone through the tech inspection.


A. Cars must have been built during the current school year. No pre-fabricated “Kit Cars” permitted.

B. If a car leaves its lane and interferes with another car, the heat will be run again. If the same car leaves it’s lane a second time and interferes with another car, the car will be disqualified.

C. If a car suffers a mechanical problem, loses an axle, breaks a wheel, etc. and a repair can be accomplished in a reasonable amount of time, the heat will be run again. If not, the car will be disqualified.

D. If there is an electronic timer at the finish line, the decision will be final. If there is no electronic timer, or if it malfunctions, there will be two race judges at the finish line. Both judges must agree on the winner or the heat will be re-run.

E. Only race officials and boys racing are permitted in track area. This rule will be strictly enforced.

F. Once registration is closed, latecomers are allowed to race, but their results will not be counted as a win.