Foothills Roundtable Meetings

Post date: Feb 22, 2012 8:03:30 PM

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The Foothills District holds Roundtable (RT) meetings on the second Thursday of each month. The meetings are typically held from 7:30pm - 9:00pm at Roswell Street Baptist Church (RSBC), which is 3 blocks past the Big Chicken when heading west on Hwy 120. Upcoming RT's are listed in Training Calendar.

The purpose of these meetings is to share information about upcoming District and Council events with Pack Leaders and parents in the Foothills District and to provide peer-to-peer training and networking between all the adult volunteers within the district. A typical RT opens with everyone in the auditorium for District/Council event discussions and then splits into several Break-out Sessions with each session focused on a specific topic (e.g, Tiger Den Leaders, Webelos Den Leaders, Cubmaster, etc.). This is a great opportunity to see how leaders do things in other Packs and to share your own successes with others.

The goal for Pack 815 is to always have at least 2 adult leaders present at every RT. This would allow us to meet one of the requirements for the Foothills District Honor Roll. Also, Den Leaders who attend at least 4 RT 's during the year will meet one of the requirements for earning the Den Leader Training Award.

Note - Class A uniform is highly recommended.